Typhoon Shanshan?

Japan Meteorological Agency - Tropical Cyclone Information

The above map shows Typhoon Shanshan’s movement within the last couple days, and its predicted forecast. You can see that Kumamoto has just entered the “storm warning area” and will in fact be fairly close to the eye of the storm. We’ve been anticipating the typhoon all week, but it sounds like it will weaken when it hits my area. Probably not the typhoon I was anticipating, but instead maybe just a major storm. If fact, even though I’m in the red zone, I haven’t even noticed anything crazy yet. My post title has a question mark because I’m wondering if anything is actually going to happen. There’s been a little bit of hard rain and some strong winds, but nothing extraordinary compared to other storms we’ve had. I’m still waiting for the cows, bicycles and roofs to go flying by my window! But I probably shouldn’t dismiss the storm just yet; I originally began this post with a statement whining about how weak the typhoon as been so far. So what happens? The power goes out! The first time that’s happened. Even in the midst of writing this post the winds have already picked up. This should be an interesting ride.