Rally Japan - Day One in Obihiro

Last night I arrived in Obihiro, Hokkaido. I’ll be staying until Monday. The reason? Rally Japan. I’m a big fan of rally racing, and especially WRC (World Rally Championship). WRC events are non-existant in the US, so I wanted to take advantage of my time in Japan.

There wasn’t much to do since I arrived in the afternoon, and none of the events had started yet. So I made my way to Rally HQ to get my pass and information. Unfortunately it was raining then, and today it’s raining again. Oh well.

Here I am at Rally HQ.

Rally Japan

Dinner was butadon (roasted pork on rice) and some zaru soba. I don’t usually eat pork, but I had to try since it’s famous here. I have to admit, it was rather tasty. This was from a shop in the JR train station.

Rally Japan

To cap off the evening, I enjoyed the onsen (hot spring) that is available at my hotel. Since I’m paying quite a bit for this hotel, I’ll be using it as much as possible!

Next up will be the Shakedown!