Soccer Action

Most of the world calls it football, however USA and Japan both call it soccer. Two weekends ago I was invited to a soccer game in Kumamoto. Rosso Kumamoto (ロッソ熊本), as the local team is called, played the Arute Takasaki (アルテ高崎) team. I think ‘rosso’ comes from the Italian word for red. As you’ll see, the Kumamoto team is, well, red. I have no idea what ‘arute’ means. Since it’s written in katakana, it’s probably a foreign word. It could be some other language besides English, but I my google searches came up empty. Anyways, on to some pictures.

That’s KKWing Stadium, home to Rosso Kumamoto, and used for other various activities. Looks a little empty doesn’t it? The stadium holds around 32,000 people, and that night 7200 people showed up. Not bad for a local team that’s not even in JLeague, I suppose. Even without many people, it was a lot louder than many sports games I’ve been to back in the states. We sat near a section that was constantly waving flags and singing songs, and the rest of the crowd was into it as well. Most impressive was that the cheering did not let down at all throughout the whole game. It was definately an interesting experience. I had a lot of fun and wouldn’t mind going again sometime.

This group was at full swing from start to finish! Talk about true fans.

Here are some action shots from the game. I’m actually somewhat impressed that the pictures weren’t all blurry.

Kumamoto won that night, 3-2. Here are the champs exiting the stadium: