Beetle Mania

You may already know that The Beatles (the music group) are insanely popular in Japan. In fact, the Japanese recently voted John Lennon as their 27th favorite historical figure. But the other Beetle (the insect) is also quite popular, especially with the kids. They love stag and rhino beetles. There’s even a card game that kids play. They even keep them as pets. Possibly, beetles may even be sold in vending machines. I haven’t witnessed that last one yet, so who knows if the business is still profitable, but if I have a chance I’ll liberate one and let you know. I really don’t think it’s a very good idea for the beetle.

The humidity has been rising like crazy over the last month, so the bugs are out in force. When I come home from work and it’s dark, my front door is swarming with different types of bugs. In fact, there can be as many as 5 to 10 beetles crawling around on the ground, or stuck on my door. I decided to take a few candid photos of them last night and tonight:

I’m calling this guy “The Cruiser.” His brothers and he crawl around outside in front of my apartment. We became friends right away, so quickly in fact that he invited himself into my apartment. I wasn’t in the mood for company, so I politely escorted him out.

I believe these beetles, two green and a brown one, are stink bugs. I like to flick them off the light or my door and then run inside. They haven’t gotten me yet….

This guy caught my eye because he’s nice and shiny. Looks similar to the one up top, but he’s a little smaller with a green shine.

And in non-beetle news:

A nice looking spider. You can’t really tell from this angle, but this spider was actually feasting while I took her portrait. She’s smart. See that light? That’s why.

Last but not least, here was a little grasshopper (I think?). Do grasshoppers eat other bugs? Because with all his jumping it looked like he was hunting. He stood still long enough for me to snap a quick picture.

I’m patiently waiting for it to get cool and dry again, so the bugs will go into hibernation. When I first came to Japan, I was actually asking myself, “Are there any bugs in Japan? Because I haven’t seen one yet.” How foolish of me…