Painful Curry

Work has been killing me lately… but I promised myself I’d make a post. So I’ll be a little cheap and throw up so more engrish to keep you all entertained until the next time. I rate this as one of the best examples of engrish I’ve seen so far. Can it be topped? It was an advertisement for a curry restaurant, in Shizuoka City, that was not yet open:

Check out the lemon steak as well. Can you tell the difference between the lemon and the steak? …. Sure you can.

My friend Drew (who I was visiting in Shizuoka, I’ll post about that trip next) just recently posted a newer version of this incredible poster. I’m guessing the restaurant is finally open. The curry is “A Dish of a Prejudice.” It must be good! Next time I’m in Shizuoka, I’m definately eating here.