Just Another Earthquake

This morning, at almost exactly 5 AM, I happened to wake up. I just remember that it was really hot and I needed to turn on my A/C (the Heater-A/C has a 3 HR timer unfortunately). Soon after turning on my A/C via the convienient remote control, my bed started shaking back and forth, lasting for maybe 10 seconds. It wasn’t very violent, and nothing in the room fell, but it was obviously an earthquake.

According to this BBC article, the quake’s epicenter was in the Oita prefecture, which borders Kumamoto to the northeast; that’s not too far from home. It was felt in Hiroshima, which is a bit across the water separating Kyushu from Honshu. In fact, I know the quake was felt as far away as Okayama (50 mins from Osaka by bullet train), because I received a text message from a friend living near there.

Earthquakes are just part of the territory when you live in Japan. This country happens to be in an area of high seismological activity. This would be my third quake experience in Japan so far. I think that’s more quakes I’ve felt in less than a year than I had previously felt in my entire life. That’s not to say California hasn’t had more than three quakes, because we all know it has, but I only remember feeling one before.

So when are the typhoons coming?