Can't Get Enough Coffee

Back in America, I wasn’t a huge coffee drinker. Sure, I’d enjoy a nice cup from time to time (my favorite being The Coffee Bean). However, Japan has taken coffee drinking to the next level.

When I’m in need of inspiration, I reach for a cup of, well… Inspiration!

A cup of inspiration

Actually, that can is very cool, it really does reflect that hazy green when you’re looking at it.

And you have to appreciate the effort that’s made in this can’s design (same as above actually). Check out the description:

HTST Process - nothing makes a better cup!

The “Waist-Wave Can”, why couldn’t I have thought of that??? If this coffee can beat the taste of my current favorite coffee, which happens to go by the name of “Tasty”, then I’ll be a believer in the HTST process.

By the way, these cans are only 100 ml (about the size of a Red Bull), and you can get them in practically every vending machine that exists in Japan. In the winter, they even have hot versions. They go for 100 yen a pop. But being the savvy shopper that I am, I picked these particular cans up for 59 yen at the local discount shop (as Chase speculated, the bastard child of Walmart and Food 4 Less, if they happened to get together).