Not Dead Yet....

Just, you know, being lazy. I have a couple of posts that I’ve wanted to write, but I haven’t quite found the right words. Hopefully I’ll get past the writers block soon. In the meantime, I wanted to share a beautiful picture I took tonight (click on the picture for a bigger size):

YUCK!!!! What the hell?? This “thing” was on the wall of my apartment tonight. The very apartment I sleep in. What else could be lurking in the shadows? He measures about 5 cm (body). I don’t think I’ve seen a bug this big or nasty in my living quarters before. Sure, there have been some pretty big spiders, but they only have 8 legs. This thing has almost 30! What I really want to know is, how did he get in? My apartment is brand new (I’m the first to live in it) and it’s sealed tight. He must have snuck in when I opened the window or front door. Sneaky bastard. And what was his intention? Was he going to eat my food or dine on my garbage? Or even more sinister, was he going to crawl into my bed while I sleep? The HORROR!

I’m definately freaked out about the upcoming summer now. I keep hearing about the heat, the hellish heat. I’ve been spoiled with the dry California heat. Here it will be wet, very wet. And now the bugs are coming…. probably bugs even twice as big as this will be knocking on my door soon. Leave me alone I say!

By the way, I didn’t kill the bug. I had an urge to smash him with my shoe, but concluded that I’d make a mess I didn’t want to cleanup. So after a grueling battle, I captured my little friend and freed him far from my apartment.

Lastly, if you can identify this bug, please leave a comment! I’d like to know what I’ll be dealing with here. Thanks!

UPDATE: It’s a House Centipede (thanks Mike).