An Early Christmas Present

So my new camera arrived today! It’s a Panasonic FZ-30 super zoom camera; not quite an SLR, but it provides some SLR features. The lens is made by Leica, who is famous for the quality of their lenses. It zooms a good 12x, which in this case makes it equivalent to a 35-420 mm lens.

Panasonic DMC-FZ30 Leica Lens

I was originally researching an SLR rig, with maybe one or two lenses. But I happened to see a coworkers images from this one’s little brother (FZ5) and I was impressed. After researching the FZ5 I then a friend pointed me to the FZ30, and well…. we fell in love with each other. Sorry little guy. So my reasons for getting this instead of an SLR?

  • Price – cost me less than $500, the SLR setup I wanted would have been over $1300
  • Lens – made by Leica so it’s gotta be good, and the 35-420 mm range gives me flexibility
  • Portability – only one lens to carry around now, instead of 2 or 3
  • Skill – the abilities of an SLR would be wasted by my beginner’s skill level
  • Features – and for my skill level, it provides the features that I want and that surpass the normal point-and-click cameras

It’s too early for any real impressions, but I can tell I’ve got a lot of practicing to do with this thing.

I suppose I don’t have any excuses for a lack of pictures anymore, now do I?